Comedy Tragics is a brand new network and online community for the Australian comedy scene.  Whether you’re a performer, promoter, venue operator, reporter, reviewer, agent or other member of the broad comedy menagerie, this is a place to hang out and discuss matters of shared interest while letting the public know where they can go to see comedians doing their thing.

Who’s behind this?

Viv Smythe founded a comedy news/reviews/listings site called Gagging For It in 2008.  While it’s been a lot of fun to be part of, Viv now thinks that a network that allows comedy folks to upload their own content and control how it is displayed, instead of her having to do it all, sounds like even more fun. So here it is.

What’s the goal?

The discussion/advice/support possibilities, especially for comics just starting out on their performance career, are the main aspect that has driven this upgrade of the original Gagging For It portal into this fully-featured Comedy Tragics hub.    The late Dave Grant and Viv had a talk about it just before he was diagnosed with his fatal cancer, about how Dave wished there was a better support/community for aspiring comedians, to help them avoid newbie mistakes and make the most of opportunities.  At the time Viv didn’t have the technical skills to put such a network together, but things have changed, and here the network is: dedicated to the memory of Dave Grant.

More than just forums

But this is more than just a newbie support forum, although that’s always going to be emphasised.  This is a fully fledged network where people can create their own promotional websites to plug their work, have a social network incorporating an event calendar to plug individual events, and use the discussion forums to chat about the highs and lows and buzz of it all.

Just the beginning

We’re in the early stages of rolling out the network.  Not all the features on Viv’s wishlist have yet been incorporated, but they’ll all be here in the near future.  While basic membership of the network and forums will always be free, some premium features will be rolled out in the future that will only available to paid subscribers and supporters – at a very reasonable price so the costs of hosting this space can be covered.   We also hope to attract advertising – the more members we have, the more valuable the advertising space will be, which will keep membership costs down.

OK.  Over to you.

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